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Our offices are located in the heart of south Minneapolis, at the intersection of East 48th St and Chicago Ave South.  There is on- and off-street parking and the location is easily accessible by bus.

Shenandoah Building (2nd floor):

4749 Chicago Ave S (Suites 1A, 2B & 4C), Minneapolis, MN 55407

Parkway Building:

4748 Chicago Ave S (Suite 13), Minneapolis, MN 55407

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Telehealth (Online Appointments)

At Hiraeth, we believe that in-person sessions are a better option for most clients.  However, we also know telehealth sometimes reduces barriers for individuals who would not otherwise be able to access mental health services. 


If you need to meet via telehealth, we ask that you schedule your sessions during a day/time when you have a quiet and private space reliably available to you.  Please also state your need for telehealth when scheduling, as this may change therapist availability for scheduling.

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