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what is psychotherapy?

Clients often ask us what they should expect from therapy.  This can sometimes be a difficult question to answer, as we tailor our approach and focus to the needs of each individual.  What therapy looks like for one client might be quite different from another client.  However, you can expect us to work with you to jointly identify core concerns and begin to address those from the first session.


In broad strokes, here are some areas our practice often helps clients address:

  • Developing greater awareness, understanding and expression of emotions

  • Understanding how early life experiences affect your present-day behaviors and relational patterns

  • Identifying unconscious (automatic) thoughts, drives and beliefs that influence your decision-making

  • Identifying unhelpful thought patterns and working to replace them with more helpful, balanced responses

  • Developing effective coping strategies

  • Practicing specific interventions aimed at targeted behaviors, impulses or defenses

  • Finding meaning in your past experiences that helps you engage in your present and future in an intentional and authentic way


You are the expert on your life, so we will work collaboratively with you to understand you, your unique story and your therapeutic needs.

Want More Info?

Want to know more about how psychotherapy works?  This video is a clear and concise summary:

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